Sibataya Co., Ltd. was originally established in 1897 when Shouheibei started draper's shop. Over 110 years, Sibataya Co., Ltd. has maintained the business through bonds of kinship. With close relationship with kimono manufactures, we have developed original products. Besides, we place orders of kimono-sewn products manufacturing.

Sibataya Co., Ltd. is located in Nagoya-City, in Aichi. The store is a four-story building.

At the first floor, we sell seasonal casual style of kimonos, bags for kimono, zouri (Japanese sandals for kimono), accessories, and so on.

The second floor is called "Furisode boutique Memory. " The "Furisode boutique Memory" addresses rental Furisode and Hakama for women. Our staff helps you to coordinate Furisode & Hakama for a formal ceremony such as coming-of-age ceremony, commencement and so on. We also arrange Furisode & Hakama dressing, makeup, and commemorative pictures for the formal ceremony.

The third floor mainly addresses formal kimonos. Office and photo-studio are located at the fourth floor. Kituke-kyoushitsu (kimono-wearing course) is held regularly at the photo-studio room. Kimono-wearing course is organized to help students to learn how to wear kimono and also help others to dress kimono.

Sibataya Co., Ltd. also does mail order selling. The Internet shopping site name is called "Kimono Net Shoukai." We sell kimonos & kimono-wearing items at the major Japanese internet shopping sites such as Yahoo!Sopping, Rakuten, and amazon.

Kimono is a Japanese traditional garment that has been developed in Japanese unique natural features. Japanese people enjoy the changing seasons and wear different type of kimono according to the season. Choosing an appropriate type of kimono requires knowledge of the garment's symbolism and subtle social messages, reflecting the woman's age, marital status, and the level of formality of the occasion.

Please let us help your "Kimono life."